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Spiritual Retreats

Find Spiritual Growth

Spiritual retreats are designed to allow attendees to recharge and refresh their perspectives and gain new insights and tools to help them achieve goals and have a better quality of life. I use a combination of listening, prayer, coaching, spiritual practices, and breathing techniques to help create a space where you will experience increased peace and be able to explore a deeper relationship with God, self and othersAnyone currently interested in scheduling a personal or group spiritual retreat should learn more about McCabe Coaching. I am a highly trained and experienced spiritual coach and spiritual director. I can provide each client with the individual attention and services necessary to enhance their personal and spiritual growth. I will provide a wealth of resources for each person attending a spiritual retreat with me and make their time at the event truly meaningful. Please use the contact information posted on the website to reach out directly to find out more. To learn more about me and my experiences and background, don't forget to read more about me and my background on the "About" tab.

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