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Spiritual Development

Coaching& Retreats

All of life is spiritual. We are all on a journey and any meaningful journey usually involves a more experienced guide to point out things that are hidden from the ordinary tourist, to offer deeper insights, and to point the way so that the one who journeys does not miss the significance of what they are seeing. Travel often challenges us and changes us. It is surely an imperfect metaphor, but that is how I see myself as a spiritual development coach--one who comes alongside on the journey and points the way.

Spiritual Development Coaching & Retreats

I use my background as a spiritual director and pastor coupled with life coach training and tools to help you grow in relationship with God, nurture your spirit, and overcome personal challenges. I cater to each of my client’s personal needs in order to unlock their full potential. Book a free mini session with me to learn more and start your proactive journey today.

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