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The Enneagram


What is the Enneagram & how will it benefit me?

The Enneagram is a system for understanding ourselves and others, which revolves around 9 different personality types organized into 3 centers of intelligence: gut (instinctive), heart (feeling), and head (thinking). 

While it does help us understand personality types, it is not intended to put complicated and unique human beings into tidy boxes or categories. The real power of it lies in the deeper work as we come to understand who God created us to be and provides paths for personal growth and transformation toward the true self.   

When the knowledge of the Enneagram is applied in your life, the outcome can be transformational. The Enneagram offers you the knowledge and the tools to:

  • Understand yourself and others better

  • Identify patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving

  • Grow in self awareness and emotional intelligence

  • Become more effective at home and work

  • Illuminate motivations and blind spots

  • Improve relationships at home and at work

  • Find personal and professional fulfillment

  • Develop your inner life

  • Increase peace, harmony and balance

Are you interested in developing a fulfilling path to personal growth and development that leads to lasting transformation? If so, McCabe Coaching wants to help.


I am pleased to specialize in faith-based Enneagram coaching and training for individuals, couples, and groups. 


As an experienced and certified Enneagram teacher and coach, I bring a breadth and depth of formal education, wisdom, and life experience that has shaped my passion and overall drive to help others transform their lives.

While I do work with clients one-on-one, I especially enjoy teaching the Enneagram to existing teams or groups. The shared experience of learning and applying this material leads each person to better understand the gifts as well as the struggles of other members. Group members learn about communication and conflict styles, as well as how each Enneagram type makes decisions, and what gets in the way of productivity. 

Enneagram Coaching & Workshops

Schedule a Free Call

Would you like to know more? Then, schedule a free 20 minute call in order to: ​

  • Ask questions and get more information

  • Determine whether my work would be a good fit for you or your organization.

  • Schedule a session

  • Discuss scheduling and pricing for in-person or online group training or workshop

Call (317) 647-5551 or visit the McCabe Coaching booking page to schedule a free 20 minute call.

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