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Spiritual Director

I'm a highly trained and experienced Spiritual Director

Because all of life is spiritual, I use my background as a spiritual director and pastor coupled with life coach training and other tools to help you grow and develop personally and spiritually.  At McCabe Coaching, I strive to listen deeply, and offer my clients a sacred space where they can explore their interior life and better understand themselves, interact more positively with others, and achieve the goals they set for themselves. I use an Enneagram as a tool to help uncover more details about each unique person and help guide them through their personal journey to a better life with more fulfillment. I have extensive experience working with others to allow them to harness their potential and get more out of their life each day. To find out more about the services I currently offer or to read more about my background, please check out the home page and the "About" page. To reach out directly for more information on the services currently provided, please use the contact information on the website. I will quickly get back to potential clients with more details about how I can help.

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