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Enneagram Coach

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I guide my coaching clients towards more fulfillment and a better quality of life through effective coaching techniques. The Enneagram is a system used to discover more about each unique person and the personality traits that propel them through life. The Enneagram offers insights into your personality, especially your unique strengths and potential as well as where you get tripped up. These insights help me craft an individualized approach to coaching to help you develop and grow personally and spiritually. I use the Enneagram to create a strategy for each client that is designed to allow them to gain more perspective and take actions that improve their lives. As part of this process, I will ask you about your personal, professional and spiritual needs and goals. Please check out McCabe Coaching to find out how to get started for a better approach to your professional and personal life. To get started, please use the contact information found on the website. Anyone with questions or who needs more details and information about services or anything else related to currently offered services is warmly invited to reach out today. I usually respond within a few hours.

Anyone currently interested in attending my Enneagram retreats or workshops should reach out to McCabe Coaching today to learn how to get started.  I look forward to providing a better way to approach daily life and interactions with others through Enneagram coaching. Please reach out to me directly to get more details about the services offered and potentially get started with coaching services. To find out more about me and my experience, check out the "About" tab posted on the website.

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